Focus on global strategic consulting and Investment
in the field of Blockchain and Fintech

About Atlas Capital

Since its establishment in 2016, Atlas Capital has been committed to global strategic consulting and investment in the fields of Fintech and blockchain. We have operation teams in Shanghai and Dubai. In the past few years, Atlas Capital has incubated and invested in many innovative companies. At the same time, we have strong resources in the global blockchain community.

We firmly believe that blockchain and artificial intelligence will be the biggest opportunity of the next era, and the blockchain itself is one of the most valuable investment directions at present. It is also the best time for the blockchain industry to enter explosive growth. A large number of projects with commercial value will gradually emerge, and the blockchain will face the golden age of development.

We focus on

Fintech & Blockchain Service Provider Blockchain Technology
NFT (Non-Fungible token)
Exchange & Derivatives

Core Business

Investment Bank
Incubator Services
Global strategic consulting services Crypto Assets Custodian


First Crypto DMCC

The first regulated OTC Desk in Dubai, UAE
First Crypto obtained the commercial license of Crypto Trading in Dubai. This is a major step taken by the UAE in authorizing crypto asset trading. Currently, First Crypto provides USDT/AED, USDC/AED, BTC/AED, ETH/AED trading services in Dubai, UAE.


Zadar Special Economic Zone

Atlas Capital and the Croatian government plan to jointly build a bonded special economic zone in Zadar, aiming to become a digital financial center in Eastern Europe.

Croatia's Zadar Special Economic Zone and Atlas Capital have in-depth cooperation to create the "Zadar Crypto Valley" to provide guidance for start-up projects in the blockchain field; at the same time, it helps global mature blockchain companies to land in Europe. 


Blockchain Campus D2020

Develop the World’s Best Ecosystemfor Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies and Businesses.

Blockchain Campus District 2020 is an independent, government-supported organization located in UAE. Our mission is to build the world’s leading ecosystem for blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. 

Our mission is to accelerate the development of a better financial system. We build and support bitcoin and blockchain companies by leveraging our insights, network, and access to capital.


Earnathon & Crypto TV Plus

The largest blockchain education and media platform in Africa. 

Earnathon is a platform dedicated to imparting knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency to people so that they can make money while learning. Earnathon believes that learning alone is not an effective educational model, but practical application is necessary with the help of curriculum incentives.



Decentralized Exchange platform (DEX) based on AbeyChain.
XSWAP is the world's first DEX built on AbeyChain, which is a multi-layer programmable blockchain built for high-speed transactions. XSWAP supports multi-chain wallets, and users can safely store their digital assets.


Conscious Value Network

Conscious Value Network is based on a new generation of public chain infrastructure + general-purpose distributed database (storage) cloud + high-performance decentralized "fast broadcast" as a new positioning, aiming to provide all users with high speed, security, The easy-to-use one-stop decentralized solution of the blockchain 3.0 underlying public chain.

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Hyper Hash

boutique investment bank & quantitative strategy robot
HyperHash was born in the Swiss Crypto Valley. It is a boutique investment banking platform that integrates active strategies and community-based governance.



LinkNFT Collection
LinkNFT Collection is an innovative NFT broker that allows artists, creators and digital currency enthusiasts to gather on the same platform to jointly create, market and trade top NFTs.

LinkNFT DAO is a cross-chain NFT sharding and transaction protocol based on BSC and ETH. It allows the original NFT holders to sell part of the ownership, create a collection of NFTs, and transform the indivisible NFT It is a liquid asset.